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Karmalaya Foundation (KF) is a nonprofit organization initiating and supporting social projects fundamentally in rural Nepal. Since its establishment in 2011, KF contributed to diverse social concerns including but not limited to education, health, women's health, children's welfare and emergency crisis like pandemic, natural calamities.

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Tina Anthoni

Tina Anthoni from Waghaeusel, Germany is a great philanthropist and generous, kind social worker who has been working for the welfare of Nepal since her first visit to Nepal in 2015. Her 'Bahini Tina Foundation" works with "Karmalaya Foundation Nepal" at almost all their projects along with many relief acts.

Bank details:
Bahini Tina Foundation
IBAN: DE08 6635 0036 0007 1425 66
We can find more details Information about her work and charity in this link

Ulrike Hassler
Dornbirn, Austria

Ulrike Hassler, also known as "Ulli Didi," is a remarkable individual who has made a significant impact in Nepal through her NGO, Happiness for Nepal. Alongside Bhagwan Karki, she founded the organization in Dornbirn, Austria, with a special focus on children's education and sponsorship for needy children.

Under the umbrella of Happiness for Nepal, Ulrike Hassler has also been actively involved in supporting women's empowerment through Karmalya Handicraft. This initiative has provided opportunities and assistance to women in Nepal, enabling them to enhance their skills and gain financial independence.

We can find more details Information about her work and charity in this link

Luise and Claus Eisenreich
Bad Birnbach, Germany

We call Luise Eisenreich and her husband Claus Karmalaya Foundation ambassadors because they support all our social projects so much since 2008AD.

Luise and Claus Eisenreich from Bad Birnbach, Germany first travelled to Nepal in 2008 AD to hike around Manaslu with Bhagwan Karki,when they heard about our social commitment. Since then, Luise has travelled to the country uncountable times privately and three times with Karmalaya.

She collects donations and gives speeches with great success, talking about our projects and her experiences, but also about the culture and the trekking routes. One of her seminars in Year June 2019, which Bhagwan also attended, was visited by more than 200 interested listeners. This year 2023 August also she organized with her friends seminar about Nepal and Karmalaya Foundations projects.

Grateful to be able to serve needy children.

We ( KF ) provide : Children education long-term sponsorship, Child Care Center , Blind Hostel, Emergency Life Support And special help in need.